engineered in Germany. made for Africa.

mango solar is a social start-up bringing clean, stand-alone solar energy to homes far away from the power grid. In addition, we serve people in urban regions suffering from unreliable energy supply and connect needs with our urban-to-rural distribution strategy. 

In co-creation with stakeholders on the ground, we are developing the next generation of solar home systems. Following a robustness and efficiency by design approach as well as the circular economy concept, we aspire to make a social and environmental impact with products that are made to last – and fun to use! 

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made to last.

5 years warranty. 10 years expected lifetime.


made for Africa. tailored to rough areas.

We provide smartphones as entry tickets for underserved remote communities to enter the digital world. Or for smartphone users who are fed up with broken screens and expensive replacements. With connecting people to each other we strive to improve access to education, health, entertainment and any other digital service.

In combination with the perfectly aligned solar home systems, unique services and opportunities for productive use arise, increasing consumers’ disposable income and standard of living.

What does “made for Africa” mean for us? Check out our product features.


almost ready for take-off! what makes our products unique?


1.2 billion people in the world have no access to electricity.

Most of them live in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. They use dirty fossil energy sources like kerosene lamps and diesel generators, impairing quality of life significantly.

4.4 billion people in the world have no access to the internet.

And remain excluded from being connected to the modern, digital pulse of time. They use low-price, outdated feature phones limited to basic communication functionalities.

Africa’s population is the strongest growing in the world. New concepts enabled by online information and communication technology are needed to satisfy rising demands and to foster sustainable, decent economic growth.


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